Students are becoming fed up with the disruptive construction works taking place on the Caulfield campus as assignments are becoming increasingly due.

One Monash University student studying at the Caulfield campus, Ben Shapero, has expressed that he has been disrupted by the works and has looked to off-campus locations for his studies.

This week marks the sixth week of the trimester and this generally marks the time of the academic year that first assessments are due in, which has placed increasing pressure on students being affected by limited library access and study spaces.

“I’ve mostly been studying at Clayton,” said Shapero, whose classes mostly take place on the Caulfield campus but has making the commute to avoid the disruption.


“Lack of access to the library” is the most impactful part of the construction, Shapero said.

When asked about his hopes for the campus and library at the end of the construction period, he said that he wants to see “better facilities” including improved desks and seats.

The library is set to have 1,500 seats in the refurbished library up from the current 762 seats.